Internationally, and to a lesser extent locally, the advantages of contracting out or “out sourcing” are generally accepted. In particular, it allows a company to concentrate on its core business whilst affording “specialist” organisations such as Algoabay Fire Services the opportunity to render professional services in their field of expertise. 

Algoabay Fire Services is probably the only organisation properly geared to offer a total turnkey solution to our various customers regarding the rendering of fire support services. The company, along with organisations with which it has strategic alliances, e.g. Phoenix (Fire Protection), is uniquely placed, not just to offer a total turnkey solution, but to render a service of absolute quality.

A multitude of benefits accrue to the companies when contracting out of their fire service, such as the development of the fire protection and prevention service, and the subsequent reduction in insurance premiums. This and other major benefits, make the projects highly attractive.

Various mechanisms are established in every contract with our clients to ensure that minimum standards of service, staff qualifications, vehicle and equipment availability and other operational criteria are satisfied – thereby providing a high level of service to all the existing clients at all times.

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